14 Panel Urine Drug Test - Tests for 14 Drugs- Made in the USA

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14 Panel Urine Drug Test - Tests for 14 Drugs Using Your Urine

High Sensitivity Drug testing in Your Home:

Amphetamines (1000 ng/mL), Barbiturates (200 ng/mL), Benzodiazepines (200 ng/mL), Buprenorphine (10 ng/mL), Cocaine (300 ng/mL), Ecstasy/MDMA (500 ng/mL), Fentanyl (75 ng/mL), Methamphetamines (500 ng/mL), Methadone (300 ng/mL), Opiates (300 ng/mL), Oxycodone (100 ng/mL), PCP (25 ng/mL), PPX (300 ng/mL), THC (50 ng/mL)

  • - Built-In Temperature Strip + Timer
  • - 99% Accurate
  • - Collect, Wait, & Read
  • - All QuickScreen Products are Made in the USA
  • - For Forensic Use
  • - Fast Shipping

 Drug testing is utilized in a wide range of scenarios. From workplace testing that allows employers to know if drugs or alcohol was a contributing factor to an on-the-job accident, to tests that help the law determine if an offender is meeting the terms of their parole, and emergency tests administered by healthcare professionals to determine if a patient is experiencing adverse effects to a particular substance.

Whatever the situation may be, drug screen tests provide quick, conclusive answers about an individual’s drug usage when they are needed most.

We know that our clients rely on us to provide the best testing products and services available on the market today. That’s why we offer government certified products and laboratory testing services that are so advanced and effective, police departments, government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies across the country trust us with their diagnostic needs.